Late specials & offers

Thanks for considering ANTTouring for your travel needs.

We are excited that travel is about to start up again… has been a long year as we all know.

Having been in business since 2002 we thought we had seen a it all, enjoyed our successes and ridden some good bumps along the way. Well, 2020 has changed that perspective.

Determination and perseverance have always been highly regarded in our business and it is again being tested. It certainly helps that we do what we love. In order for the business to continue operating and rebound from this incredible year we want to work with you to book one of our great experiences with your friends and family. While discounts on individuals or couples is hard to offer we would encourage families or groups to enquire directly with us to get the best possible price for the right experience. Our business has always focussed on small groups, avoiding big crowds and using the best boutique accomodation and restaurants. We encourage people to take a responsible course of action when planning a trip by booking a private tour rather than a larger coach tour with strangers. We appreciate the many concerns people have booking travel and will work with you to provide the safest travelling option within your budget.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.

Jeremy, Pierre and Glenn.

Jeremy +61 409 650 886
Pierre +61 418 270 438
Glenn +61 428 381 125