Late specials & offers


Welcome to the start of another busy summer season in the South of Australia.

We would love to take the pressures of driving this beautifully scenic, history laden and diverse region from you and put it in the hands of a professional.

We have been travelling the region for around 20 years and know the best spots to get a great overall picture of the region.

We also have great knowledge of the best accommodation and food and can make these important features of your holiday a highlight of your experience instead of a frustrating or disappointing tale.

Please contact us on any of the numbers below for any discounts or specials we may be able to extend to you. We can often give a good discount for people who are able to join one of our existing tours or are considering multiple tours.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Jeremy Redmond        0409 650 886

Pierre Jacobsson         0418 270 438