About Us

Natural Treasures Tours was established in 1996 as a small eco-tour business running 2 day tours of the Great Ocean Road. In 2002, Natural Treasures Tours was purchased by Jeremy Redmond and Pierre Jacobsson who had previously guided, crafted and marketed the tours. With time grows the experience, knowledge and wisdom that has allowed us to grow our range of tours into some amazing experiences. More recently we have grown again into a company and have further developed our touring style and range to suit the enthusiastic traveler wanting more personalised journeys.

Our Treasure Chests

We have based our tours around the principles of eco-tourism and try to offer a more rewarding and memorable experience than the standard sightseeing tour. We have sourced or been given the exclusive rights to carry and show some original artefacts and written material significant to the history and geology of the area. This interactive interpretation gives our guests a rare and unique perspective on the various regions traveled.

At Loch Ard Gorge we reveal a diary containing the accounts of Tom Pearce and Eva Charmicheal, the only survivors from the devastating wreck. We are also fortunate to be able to show numerous salvaged wreckage pieces that were destined for display at Melbourne’s Exhibition Building in 1880. Another Treasure Chest’s content helps explain the geological phenomenon of the 12 Apostles. Our explanations are enhanced here by you holding a piece of the 12 Apostles limestone and viewing descriptions of the coastal erosion and aerial photos of the region.